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What Happens Once My Business Is Sold?

A business sale is a life-changing experience for an entrepreneur. Not only can you relieve yourself of the duties of running a business operation, but you will also have the funds from the sale. When you are about to finalize your business sale, it is natural to wonder what happens after you've handed over your business.

There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs even after selling their companies. This article will explain your post-sale options, so read on.

What Options Do I Have After Selling My Business?

Once your business sale deal is close to finalization, you should spend some time unwinding and enjoying your freedom. However, you can consider your post-sale options once you have taken sufficient time off. Here are some options you should consider after selling your business:

Starting A New Venture: Proceeds from your business sale should be enough for you to live the rest of your life without financial stress. However, if you are a young entrepreneur, consider starting a new company from scratch or investing in businesses that you find promising.

With your experience in running and growing your first business, it should be simpler to start a new venture.

Trying To Get An Employment Contract: You can always get an employment contract from the new owner of your company. Doing this will allow you to be a part of the future growth of your established business from scratch.

With that said, going from the owner of your business to an employee in the same setup can be challenging for most sellers. So it is up to the seller to decide if they are ready to take an employment contract in a business they just sold.

Serving As A Consultant: If a full-time employment contract seems too much work, there is always an option to serve as a consultant in your newly sold business. Since you will have deep knowledge of the company, you can provide valuable input to the new owners regarding its operations.

Resuming As A Short-Term CEO: You can remain the CEO of your company for a certain period after the sale. While it may sound farfetched to continue working as a CEO of your company post-sale, it is possible with the help of the right exit strategy.

By making buyers aware of your value as a leader, you can maintain your role as a CEO on a short-term basis after the sale. You may bring up your wishes to stay associated with the company as a CEO during the negotiation phase to ensure you and the buyer have plenty of time to consider your role post-sale.


Selling your business shouldn't mean the end of your career as an entrepreneur. By carefully planning your exit, you can ensure you remain productive even after the business sale. Planning your exit can make sure you choose the right post-sale options. By working with ESL Advisors, you can make sure your exit is well-planned and organized.


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